Laptop bag
Laptop bag


Yeahhhh, here she comes!


Laptopbag especially for women who like to have there special own design. Inspirated by one of my fathers designs I designed this one with the 5 cornered figure. You see this on the front where the clasp is put on and in at the puller of the zipper.

This laptopbag has 5 boxes. One padded box is especially to put your laptop in.Then there are two in the same size and one smaller one ( about 9 x 17 cm) At the back you find your fifth box with a zipper.The puller is real silver made by Deny Design.


The bag has two belts. One you can adjust and put your bag crossbody. One with the red piping to hold in your hand or put over one shoulder.

All full leather outside and inside.Lining: soft  suede leather.

Red soft suede piping on the front, back and the smaller belt. 

Sizes: 35 x 28 x 9 cm ( width,height and depht)

Large belt is about 130 cm x 2,5 cm. The smaller one is 40 cm x 2,5 cm.( length, width)

Price depends on the options: kind of leather, size,etc.

Price of this one: € 520,00


( Curious about the painting? Three cows jumping in the air when going out after a long stay inside:-).

Private painted by myself in 2013, oil on canvas.)