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This beauty is available at Scoop store. Big shopper with lot of space, zipper pocket inside and full leather lining.

Price: € 370 incl .




Nice shopper, plenty space and a zipperpocket inside. Special suede leather lining in a nice chocolat color. A zipperpocket extra outside!

Price: € 240 incl.



This one is so nice! One of my favourites. Brown soft leather inside, African print inside. This one you can turn inside out. So if you like: you have two shoppers for one price!

Price: € 240 incl.

Medium bag in soft leather with a golden shine.Combined with dark brown leather and sand colored leather lining.

Price: €199 incl


Medium bag in black. Lining in black full leather!

Price: 199 incl.

Latest fashion! Wear it on your hips, on your shoulder by adjusting the lengt of the belt. Brown leather with a small pattern, red soft suede leather lining inside.

Price: € 89 incl.

And if you like more this beautiful design...make your choice! This brown with a small pattern is designed with small pieces of very soft nappa leather ( the light brown parts). And of course: you can adjust the belt to wear it overcross, on your back, whatever you like!

Price: €65 incl.

Or this light brown one with dark brown soft suede leather lining.

Price € 89 incl.


Feel pretty with this blue printed bag. Blue soft suede lining inside. 

Price: 89 incl.

And also the same small hip bag in black with red suede leather lining. Price: € 89.

See at the pictures underneath how each bag has 3 seperate pockets and 2 zippers, one inside and one to close all three pockets.This bag is so lovely to wear and also to put it beside you on a table or your desk at work.