Let me tell you the story how this beautiful bag is designed.

I found on the internet a small silver bowl designed by my father in 1958.  An antiquarian who had a shop in Amsterdam had this piece for a long time and he was willing to sell it. So I was so happy to have this piece back in my family.

I decided to get inspired by it to make a special bag.

It was`nt easy to get the right form but in the end I put two of them together in one piece and my bag was born.

I was curious if I could succeed to design a bag wich you can wear in different ways. And YES YOU CAN!

Use the handle of the bag as you normally do or put one handle inside the bag, fold the other one over the front side and put the small belt  over it. Close it with the gun button. ( Yes, we call this a "geweerknopje" ;-)


Leather: off white and grey white dotted pattern. Inside: lining: suede leather in grey green. One folder inside.

You can remove the belt if you just want to hold your bag on the handles.

30 cm ( width), 28 cm ( height) 10 cm ( depht)

Price: € 325,00