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Who creates my leather goods?

Hi,my name is Margriet van de Vosse. Nice to meet you at my working place!
Hi,my name is Margriet van de Vosse. Nice to meet you at my working place!

Our regular prices for your doctor's case:

Small: 37 x 17 x 27 cm.Opening 29 x 17 cm € 280

Medium: 45 x 18 x 27 cm.Opening 39 x 18 cm € 340

Large: 47x19 x 30 cm.Opening 47 x 25 cm € 469 

All with leather lining. 2 compartments with zipper.

Another nice DELZORAS doctor's case,already sold but you can order your special own!

Our specialty are doctor's cases!


Beautiful ladies bag with 2 extra folders!

This one is designed with buffalo leather and grey leather ligning.

Get yours in any colour you like!

Our price €310.

Get yours for €289 in August!

Always wanted to put your laptop and all the stuff you need for work properly diveded in your bag?

Then take a look at this Messenger bag!

Your laptop safe!

No worrie! Your cables will stay apart and you can find your pen in a jiffy!

This one is already sold in buffalo leather and leather ligning.

Tough for a man but also available for everybody who likes to create and compose his or hers in the color 

and design you love!

Order your own by sending me a mail, call or whatsapp. 

Price: € 440 all inclusive.

Special design!

You can wear this bag in different ways.Small, medium or large by putting the top inside, outside or even fold it over the front.

Two nice accesoires for your keys and a special folder wich you can also put on the outside of the bag.

Wear this bag on one shoulder or  put it on your back so your hands are free!

Adjust like you want!

Order yours in your own special color!

€440 all inclusive!

( 37 x 13 or 15 (adjustable!)x 22 or adjust it to 33 cm!

Finally it became true!

I combined my two brands.

So Delzoras meets Aayouka and vica versa.

Nice new design this leather shopper with African ligning.

And again you can adjust the size.

Go and shop till you drop! Take that small wallet with you and enjoy!


Real leather,beautiful soft African fabrics from Cameroon!

Lovely details in gun metal.

Order yours and tell me what you like!

Color, leather, details we can design it together!

Price all in € 240.00


These beautiful shopping bags are handy crafted in full leather! Especially soft leather lining, nice accesoires included.Special price € 290 all inclusive.

The red one is still available.

The camel one is already sold but you can order your own in the color you love, the size you prefer etc etc.

Contact me via e mail info@delzoras.nl 

or call/ whatsapp 06 53182619.


We keep creating!

So nice to combine the two brands Aayouka and Delzoras in one nice shopper.

The pink one is already sold.The green one is still available.Bear in mind: the lining comes directly from Africa, Ivory coast!!

Prices: Each for €240,- the accesoire included.

Prices are all inclusive!